GIS application for Mountain Access Road Planning

Krishan Kumar Sidh
Symbiosis institute of geoinformatics,

It is very difficult to construct road in mountain where surface is steep. Previously engineers used contour maps for mountain road planning. It is very time consuming process and the results are not so accurate. This paper discusses the development of a GIS application that uses to analyses the profile of road centre-lines. Analyses were performed on TIN surface generated from DEMs to provide road elevations for the natural ground surface, and to calculate estimation of cut and fill analysis resulting from adjusting road grades. A series of attribute tables were used to combine attributes of generated road profile with the rates and costs contained in a contractor table to provide an estimated construction cost summery.
The application requires further development before it would be considered an operational model. Potential improvements include stream crossing identification, landscape analysis, multiple roadway planning. The resulting application provided a good demonstration of estimating road construction costs, graphical display of road profiles and centre-lines, and manipulation and generation of TINs and lattices.