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Business GIS


  1. Routing Analysis In Supply Chain Management (SCM) - A Manager’s Perspective  
    Prof. M.S. Subhas , Dr.Vinod N.Sambrani

  2. Web Service to integrate Geographic Information Systems with Real-Estates  
    Mahmoud AL-Hader , Ahamd Rodzi , Abdul Rashid Shariff

  3. Use of Spatial data for Marketing Desion Making - SA and in the rest of Africa  
    Bob Currin Craig Schwabe   (Map Africa 2006)

  4. GIS in Business Processes  
    Angela Ionita, Marcel Foca, Marius Ienculecu-Popovici  (April 2006)

  5. Location in Insurance Risk Management  
    Nigel Lester

  6. GIS in Business - Routing analysis of Plaza Shoppers  (Map Asia 2004)
    Lilian, S.C. Pun-Cheng, Alice, W.C. Chu

  7. Extending the Quality Concept in Geo-Information Processing  (Map Asia 2003)
    Richard Onchaga

  8. GIS – Tool for Simplifying the Collection Management System in Banks and Financial Service Organizations  (Map Asia 2003)
    P K Panigrahi, P. Vijay Sagar, P. Ronald Raajesh

  9. Identifying the relationship between area characteristics by social class and bank branches distribution using GIS - A case study of Tokyo 23 Wards  (Map Asia 2003)
    Young Joo Lee, Hiromichi Fukui

  10. Spatial world chants the EAI mantra  (Map India 2003)
    Sumathi Chutkay

  11. An Integrated approach for Banking GIS  (Map India 2003)
    Mohammad Jafrullah, Srinivas Uppuluri, Dr. Nagesh Rajopadhaye, & V. Srinatha Reddy

  12. GIS for Rural Marketing  (Map India 2003)
    Vijay Amanna and Suruchi Raina

  13. Enterprise Modeling of Business Objects in the realm of Geographical Information System Development  (Map Asia 2002)
    Srikrishna Pothukuchi

  14. Business GIS to take off

  15. Consumer-driven changes in the GIS market (Map India 2000)
    M.K. Munshi

  16. GIS trends and opportunities for India (Map India 2000)
    Ajay Lavakare

  17. Some GIS industry trends (Map India 2000)
    Debasis Das

  18. Are giants, knocking the business GIS door?
    Maneesh Prasad

  19. ADRO review: commercial oportunities   (ACRS -1999)
    Gordon Staples

Corporate Sector
  1. GIS cruises through business lanes
    Bal Krishna and Pia

  2. GIS matters to quality of life

  3. GIS in midas' installations
    Dr Narayanan Sampath

  4. Retail outlets mapping  (National Workshop on Corporate GIS, 1999)
    Sanjay K. Agarwala

  5. MICA rural market ratings (National Workshop on Corporate GIS, 1999)
    Dr. Manosi Lahiri

  6. Geo market segmentation and GIS (National Workshop on Corporate GIS, 1999)
    Amrita Biswas

  7. SANJAY - mind your way! Delhi gets satellite navigation (National Workshop on Corporate GIS, 1999)
    I.B. Saxena

  8. GIS in logistics and vehicle routing applications  (National Workshop on Corporate GIS, 1999)
    Shubhabrata Marmar

  9. GIS in retail marketing & distribution (National Workshop on Corporate GIS, 1999)
    Rakesh Verma

  10. MASINFO - Marketing and Sales Information System  (National Workshop on Corporate GIS, 1999)
    Mr.Jaideep Narula
Abstracts only
  1. Integrated Approach for Increasing Security Level in Money Transactions through the Internet with GPS enabled Mobile Phones  (Map World Forum 2007)
    C.S Rathnayake

  2. Outsourcing & Prototyping in Geo-spatial System Development  (Map World Forum 2007)
    VK Panchal

  3. Comparison and Evaluation of Real-Time Photogrammetry Approaches and their Applications in Car Industry  (Map World Forum 2007)

  4. Emerging Issues in Integration of GIS – A Practical Approach  (Map Middle East 2005)
    Balaji Krishnamurthy, Marek Polak

  5. Customer Friendly Strategic Standardised Multi-User Logistics Central Command as GIS BPO  (Map Asia 2003)
    M. Sri Vidhya Bhavani & K. Nithya

  6. Enhancing Business Processes through Web Based Mapping  (Map Asia 2004)
    Adam Hender

  7. Customer Friendly Strategic Standardised Multi-User Logistics Central Command as GIS BPO  (Map Asia 2003)
    M. Sri Vidhya Bhavani & K. Nithya

  8. GIS applications and potentials for utility management
    K M Jagadeesh and Milind Deshpande

  9. Business GIS-tourism industry- A study
    Jaishankar Jayaraman

  10. MICA market ratings - An overview
    Manosi Lahiri

  11. GIS applications in marketing & sales
    Prashant Baxi