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Geo-information work at China Geological Survey

Zhang Minghua, Qiherige
China Geological Survey
45 Fuchengmen Wai Street, Beijing, 100037, China
Tel:86-10-68999879, 51632853
Fax: 86-10-68999884
Email: zminghua@mail.cgs.gov.cn, qihirag.lee@mail.cgs.gov.cn

1. Introduction
China Geological Survey (CGS) has become national largest geoscience agency since its reconstruction in 1999 who takes the duty of the country's basic, public and strategic geological investigation and mineral exploration over the whole territory, and geoscientific research and international cooperation. Accordingly, geoinformation work were carried out on the purposes of, (1) to raise informationalization level in main procedure of geological survey, including field data acquisition, data processing and database management, mineral assessment and information dissemination, (2) to further strengthen fundamental geological databases construction in the environment of geographic information system, (3) to push forward standardization works on metadata and geological data model for information exchange within the survey and for information dissemination to the public.

Development Research Center of CGS and six regional centers are the main work forces for database development, updating and maintenance, computer network construction. CGS also establishes tight working relations with the provincial geological surveys and industry agencies through the projects contract and professional direction to maintain a strong national force of geological survey.

2. Geoinformation Work Frame
China Geological Survey (CGS) has continually carried out digital land and resource project (DLRP) since 1999 for the informationalization in the survey, which including two main parts, national geo-scientific databases development and digital informationalization of main work procedure in geological survey. Each part consists of roughly 6 main projects, and each of them was then divided into several sub-projects. Some projects on field mapping data acquisition, geoinformation strategy and data service are newly setup since 2003. Project frame of CGS geoinformation is thus described in three parts as in table 1.

Table 1. CGS main projects and sub-projects carried out under the DLRP project

3. Achievements in the development of national geo-scientific databases

3.1 Geological map databases
Apart from main project in CGS and that for provincial work procedures, geological map compilation and database construction have been put into a key position. In the year 1999, China has finished 1:5,000,000 scale geological map database and released freely to the public. In the scale of 1:500,000, China spatial geological map database was completed and also released to the public in 2000. In 2002, 1:200,000 digital geological map database which contains 1163 quadrangles or sheets has been completed. 1:200,000 hydro-geological maps and 1:50,000 hydrological, engineering, environment and geological maps of provincial cities and eastern metropolis and economic zones have also been completed in 2003. Also in 2003, 1:2,500,000 scale geological map database is developed and to be released in 2004. This year, a newly developed spatial geological map database, 1:250,000 scale in the way of integration with ongoing digital field mapping PDA data is on the way. Also, 1:50,000 geological map database development is continued and geared to focus on main mineralization zones following national exploration plan of the survey, which is mainly of digitization to the previous maps. Newly carrying out 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 field geological mapping data are collected in digital format. China national chronicle geological work database will be completed also in 2004, which involved 40 geological survey teams and organizations in the work of materials collection, filling out data attribution cards and database development.

3.2 Geological thematic database
1:200,000 nature heavy mineral database has completed in 2003, which contain roughly 2 million sampling sites. National isotopic element dating database, containing 15300 sampling sites, is also finished in 2003. The work of rock property database, which contains too much work of both in data checking and original achieve cards retrieving is going to be summarized this year.

The construction of “national solid mineral deposits and its distribution database” was carried out under CGS by different geology bureaus and centers form different industries around China with the coverage of metal, coal, building materials, chemical industry and radioactive. This database is completed and had been put into use in the survey in 2003.It is being updated this year.

China continental scientific drilling (CSD) data has also been achieved each year.

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