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Mineral & Mining

  1. Spectral Differentiation of Asbestos Minerals in South Africa for Potential Use in Pollution Monitoring (Map Africa 2006)
    Brilliant M. Petja, Yaw A. Twumasi, George T. Tengbeh, Phila C. Sibandze, Leon Croukamp

  2. Establishing A Solid Mineral Database for A Part of Southwestern Nigeria (Map Africa 2006)

  3. Surface Weathering Degree Mapping for Granite Using Reflectance Spectroscopy (Map Asia 2006)
    Chang-Uk Hyun, Hyeong-Dong Park

  4. Using Principal techniques on ETM+ 2002 for arid and semi-arid environment Central Iran (Map Asia 2006)
    Gholamreza Mirzavand, Gholamreza Mirzavand

  5. A comparative approach on TIR and VNIR-SWIR datasets of ASTER instrument for lithological mapping in Neyriz ophiolite zone, SW Iran (Map Asia 2006)
    Majid H. Tangestani

  6. Separation of Carbonates by Using PCA on ASTER Bands (July 2004)
    Shahab Poursaleh

  7. Comparison of ASTER and ETM+ data for exploration of porphyry copper mineralization: A case study of Sar Cheshmeh areas, Kerman, Iran (Map Asia 2003)
    H. Ranjbar, H. Shahriari, M. Honarmand

  8. Advance Mineral Resources Information System (M.R.I.S v 2.0) Using Remote sensing and GIS Inputs (Map Asia 2003)
    Abhishek Kumar Ayachi

  9. Knowledge Driven GIS Modelling Techniques for Copper Prospectivity Mapping in Singhbhum Copper Belt Ė A Retrospection (Map India 2003)
    Basab Mukhopadhyay, Asit Saha, Niladri Hazra

  10. Digital Cartographic standards for 1:50,000 Geologic map: some important considerations (Map India 2003)
    Asit Saha, Basab Mukhopadhyay, Niladri Hazra, Dhruva Ganguly and Sujit Ranjan Sengupta

  11. Application of Crosta technique for porphyry copper alteration mapping, using ETM+ data: A case study of Meiduk and SAR Cheshmeh areas, Kerman, Iran (Map India 2003)
    H. Ranjbar, M. Honarmand, Z. Moezifar and G. S. Roonwal

  12. A GIS approach in Mineral Targeting with Narayanpet Kimberlite Spatial Dataset (Map India 2003)
    Praveen Kumar Sinha, Dr. M. Surendra Nath, Sikhendu De, Dr. P. K. Murlidharan and Ravi Shankar Misra

  13. Spectral signatures and spectral mixture modeling as a tool for targeting aluminous laterite and bauxite ore deposits, Koraput, India (Map Asia 2002)
    I. C. Das

  14. Process of Change in the Geographic Information System Technology In IRANís Geology and Exploration (Map Asia 2002)
    Mojgan Zarei Nejad

  15. Kerman province mineral occurrence distribution map and mineral exploration targets area in south west of this province using GIS (Map Asia 2002)
    Mana Rahimi, Ali Reza Jafari Rad

  16. Integrating exploration dataset in GIS using fuzzy inference modelling (July 2002)
    Basab Mukhopadhyay, Niladri Hazra and M K Mukhopadhyay

  17. Mapping the Mines: The Quest continues (Nov-Dec, 1998)

  18. Mineral Exploration - Using Modern Techniques (Nov-Dec, 1998)
    Pranit Bhasin

  19. GIS in Geoscience: The recent trends (May, 2002)
    P K Champati Ray

  20. GPS based truck disptach system at West Bokaro collieries (Asian GPS Conference, 2001)

  21. Scope for application of GPS in Indian Coal Industry (Asian GPS Conference, 2001)

  22. GIS in exploration with special viewpoint to mineral potential and definding the exploration priority maps (Map India, 2002)

  23. The use of dempster-shafer model and GIS in integration of geoscientific data for porphyry copper potential mapping, North of Shahr-e-Babak, Iran (Map India, 2002)

  24. Appropriate technology for low cost geological mapping (Map India, 2002)

  25. Mineral potential map by a knowledge driven GIS modelling: An example from Singhbhum copper belt, Jharkhand (Map India, 2002)

  26. MRIS version 1.0 : A prototype mineral resource information system (February, 2002)

  27. Evolution of mining software market in India

  28. Multi-criteria analysis in GIS environment for natural resource development - A case study on gold exploration (Map India, 2002)

  29. GIS approach to statistical modelling for mineral deposits in the Singhbhum copper belt, Bihar, India, using geological and geophysical parameters (Map India, 2002)

  30. Development of Kimberlite exploration Geographic Information System

  31. Investigation of evaporate deposits on Gavkhoni Playa lake (ACRS 2000)

  32. Remote Sensing research for geological area selection of coalbed maehane in Qinshui Basin, Shanxi, Chian  (ACRS 1999)

  33. Air SAR: A tool for mineral prospecting - A case study at Dumara, Antique, Philippines (ACRS 1999)

  34. Remote Sensing image feature of Uranium ore in China (ACRS 1999)

  35. The macroscopic effect of Remote Sensing geoinformation and mineral prospecting   (ACRS 1999)

  36. The application study of RS and GIS technology in environmental Remote Sensing investigation of She Fu-Dongsheng coal fields in China   (ACRS 1999)

  37. Application of change detection algorithms for mine environment monitoring  (ACRS 1998)

  38. Gold exploration in North-East Golpayagan area using Landsat TM data  (ACRS 1998)

  39. The methods of Permian Limestones enhamcement by using of Remote Sensing  (ACRS 1998)

  40. Geological and mineral prospecting in the Kuala Kelawang area using Remote Sensing and GIS tecniques  (ACRS 1997)

  41. Gold mineralization information processing on TM images  (ACRS 1997)

  42. The application of the TM data to the Gold deposit prospecting  (ACRS 1996)
Abstracts Only
  1. GIS AS A TOOL IN MINING INDUSTRY (Map World Forum 2007)

  2. Laser Scanning - New Dimension in Mine Surveying. (Map World Forum 2007)
    Nikolaus Studnicka

  3. Environmental Problems Analysis of Coal Mining in Raniganj & Asansol Blocks (West Bengal) Using Remote Sensing and GIS (Map World Forum 2007)
    Avadhesh Kumar Koshal

  4. Mineral Abundance Mapping using EO-1 Hyperion Data Ė A Processing Methodology for Detecting Iron and Manganese Mines in Pre-Cambrian Rocks (Map World Forum 2007)
    Ashok Sekhar,S.K.Srivasav,R.C.Lakhera,V.K.Dadhwal

  5. Use of GIS in underground Mining for optimization (Map World Forum 2007)
    Dr. Lalan Kumar,Sri J K Viswakarma,Sri Vijay Singh

  6. Study of Pattern of Crustal Fracturing Using DEM Covering the Izeh Zone in the Zagros Fold-Thrust Belt, SW Iran (Map Asia 2006)
    Mehran Azizzadeh

  7. Using Space Imagery in the Exploration Of Useful Raw Materials (Map Asia 2006)
    Dr. Eng. Mohamad Rukieh

  8. MORPAS and itís Application in Assessment of Tin-Copper Resources of Gejiu District,China (Map Asia 2006)
    Chen Jianguo ,Li Hongjing

  9. Using Fractal Strategies for Aeromagnetic Data Positioning Purposes Around NW Anomalies of Iran. (Map Asia 2006)

  10. GIS: Tool for betterment in Underground Mining (Map Asia 2006)
    Dr. Lalan Kumar,J K Viswakarma,Vijay Singh

  11. Oman Line as Related to Some of Oil Field Structures of Saudi Arabia (Map Asia 2004)
    Reza Derakhshani

  12. Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (Map Asia 2004)
    Hu Yan, Ding Shu-bai and Zou Li-qun

  13. Application of Remote Sensing in Mineral Exploration (Map Asia 2004)
    John Gingerich, Mahasa Roostaii , Claude A Durocher and Maryam Dehghani

  14. Discrimination of the ophiolite rock units using the ASTER data: An experience from Neyriz Ophiolite, SW Iran (Map Asia 2003)
    Majid H. Tangestani, Khalil Sarkarinejad, Marc Goosense

  15. Design and Implementation a GIS for of National Iranian Copper Industries Company (CuGIS) Map India 2003
    M. Karimi, M. J. Valadan Zoej, A. Mansourian

  16. Impact assessment of coal mining on land use / land cover using IRS-IA satellite data