Map Malaysia 2009

Geological Terrain Mapping for Landuse Planning

Zakaria Mohamad
Department of Mineral and Geosciences


In the process of planning the development in a hilly area, town planners and engineers require basic information such as the geology, topography, landform and zones which are potentially unstable. To prepare the various derivative maps, a GIS System is used to analyse data from the four attributes. The thematic maps produced serve as a guide for integrated landuse assessment of proposed development project by Local Authorities, and in landuse zonation by town planners, and engineers refer to these maps for preparing layout of buildings plan and in deciding on the most appropriate earthwork plan and method of construction. The paper uses as an example the finding of the geological terrain mapping which was carried out in Klang Valley and its use in assessment of proposed development project in the study area. The geospatial maps have potential to be used as a monitoring tool of any changes of landform or natural morphology and initial stage of geohazard assessment an area proposed for development in hilly area.