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Damage analysis using OCEANSAT data after Orissa super cyclone

S. Mohapatra, S. N. Kundu, A. K. Sahoo and R. P. Singh
Department of Civil Engineering,
Indian Institute of Kanpur, Kanpur - 208 016

Orissa super cyclone hits eastern coast of India on October 29, 1999 damaging agricultural crops and vegetation through out the coastal districts. In the present paper IRS P4 OCEANSAT data analysis and GIS modelling have been carried. The detailed analysis show damaged areas and kind of damage in various districts of Orissa.

The NDVI images were generated from the red and near infrared channels of the atmospherically corrected OCM images. The two NDVI images have been subtracted and the resulted image has been classified into following four classes such as unaffected Vegetation, Mildly affected Vegetation, Highly affected Vegetation and Severely affected Vegetation. The OCEANSAT data before and after the cyclone show that the coastal districts have been severely suffered due to cyclone.

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